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End of 2008 Rodent Update

November 26, 2008

The numbers are low and getting lower. We caught 118 rodents in October and for November the count is 106.  The penicillatus have gone down for the winter.  The normally rare species we were seeing in these past couple grassy summers are finally deciding they don’t like Portal (though we did catch one straggling cotton rat). So the catch this month looked like a k-rat:Bailey’s standoff.

We’ve tagged 8 Banner-taileds so far, though we only regularly recapture 2 or 3. Last month we tagged two new females, and this month we tagged another male.

Female spectab on plot 8 - tagged Oct `08

Female spectab on plot 8 - tagged Oct `08

Male spectab on plot 8 - tagged Nov '08

Male spectab on plot 8 - tagged Nov '08

photo by Sarah Mohlman

Several species of spider showed up last month as well. Most were a small species that makes a cone-shaped web in the shrubs, but I had to maneuver around this one to close the gates on 15 – two months in a row (thanks to Stephanie Cobbold for the ID)!

daunting-looking spider - Oct (and Nov) '08

Argiope trifasciata - Oct (and Nov)

Tarantula - 'Oct '08

Tarantula -Oct '08

(photos by Rachel Pyles)