Summer Rodent Update


We’ve had an active summer, but no thanks to the rodents. The numbers have remained low (along with the precipitation), dropping from 172 in May and June, 135 in July, to 94 in August. We found plenty of other things to entertain ourselves with, though.

Thanks to having an arachnologist with us in July, we saw many species of spiders, as well as many other interesting arthropod moments.



Despite the low numbers, we’re still catching some rarer species and unintended species:

Female spectab on plot 22Baiomys taylori

great plains skinkjuvenile desert cottontail

We’ve encountered many other species, as well. Horned lizards, in particular, seem to be increasingly common on the site.

gopher snakeTexas horned lizard

turtlebird nest

July was hot and dry.

moon over Portal

In August we finally got some weather, complete with dust storms, rain, wind, and lightning.


*Thanks to Stephanie Cobbold for the spider pictures and IDs!

*Thanks to Alan Ernest for the turtle picture.

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