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We have plans to write about some cool things going on at Portal right now: changes in the treatments at the site, beautiful winter annuals, some changes in the rodent community. In the meantime, I thought I’d point people towards Pacifica Sommer’s blog. Pacifica is a PhD student at the University of Arizona who has been using camera traps to study rodents. She’s been coming out to the site regularly to set up camera traps on our plots to compare what her camera traps are seeing with what our live-traps are catching. Her videos are a real treat and we’ve been luck to have Pacifica coming out to the site. She occasionaly writes about her Portal adventures on her blog. Here are some of her Portal related posts:

I have heard the howling of the grasshopper mice

Footage of the Mighty Predator: Onychomys torridus

Energy, Temperature, and Sex

Energy and Sexual Activity


2 Responses to “Another Source for Portal Project Related Posts”

  1. Larry Bourne Says:

    I was prospecting on Pinos Altos mountain, near Silver City, NM yesterday morning and saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. I froze, watching, as a mouse came out of the rocks to my left and started to cross a dry creek channel. It hesitated, went back, then repeated several times and finally decided it was OK – crossed about 4 ft from me and disappeared.

    It caught my attention because it was fairly large for a mouse and very pretty – white belly and feet with pale gray upper. Some white on its head and the most noticeable thing – very large, very round ears and they were white. Looked like white dimes set on its head. Most mice have darker, funnel shaped ears. I had no chance of getting a picture – camera was 10 ft away.

    Searching online, I find nothing like it, but did find your site. Possibly you can identify it ?? Thanks Lars

    • Morgan Ernest Says:

      Hi Lars

      Thanks for dropping by. Interesting! I have some ideas, but can I get some extra info? Was the animal about cantaloupe sized (6-9 inches from nose to butt)? Or larger or smaller (orange or watermelon)? You said it came out of some rocks. was this a rocky area (or near one) with broken rocks or piles of rocks? Finally, did you see a tail?
      Thanks for bringing this mystery. I feel like Sherlock Holmes!

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