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Portal Plant and mapping adventures

September 28, 2011

Last March, a team from our lab (Sarah Supp, Kate Thibault, Zack Brym, and Maria Brym) trekked down to Portal to take on the rodent and winter annual plant surveys, along with officially mapping all sampling points at the site. Up to this point, any spatial data at the site was estimated using aerial photos or roughly done using the regular spacing of stakes. We were able to use a super-accurate system (ProMark3 GPS units) to get GIS data reliable with less than 2 cm error!

Green points are plot corners, Red points are the corners of plant sampling quadrats (0.25 m2 each), and yellow are the rodent trapping stakes.

We’re excited to now have this data available and we are leaving this weekend to tackle the summer plant survey along with the usual rodent trapping.