About the Portal Project

The Portal Project is a long-term ecological study being conducted near Portal, AZ. Since 1977, the site has been used to study the interactions among rodents, ants and plants and their respective responses to climate. To study the interactions among organisms, we experimentally manipulate access to 24 study plots. This study has produced over 100 scientific papers and is one of the longest running ecological studies in the U.S.

The Portal Project is currently run by Thomas J. Valone (Saint Louis University), James H. Brown (University of New Mexico), and S.K. Morgan Ernest (Utah State University). While Valone, Brown, and Ernest are in charge,  the site is successful because of the participation of undergraduates, graduates, and other scientists. Hopefully, many of these people will contribute their perspectives to the blog.

Finally, the purpose of this blog is to communicate more broadly about who we are and what we are doing. We plan on blogging about not only our research findings, but also about our data collection trips and anything else we feel is related to our research progress.

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